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Our Story

Our Story

Shenzhen Aladdin Engineering Lighting Co., Ltd. (referred to as Aladdin Lighting), located in the capital of science and technology - Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is a company that mainly serves the projection effect of projection lamps and the installation of projection lamps. Private property owners, exhibition engineering parties, lighting engineering lighting companies, etc., who have higher requirements for the environment, provide higher-definition, brighter photoelectric animation novelty landscape lighting projection lamp products and services. Aladdin Lighting has been committed to the research and development and production of cultural tourism lighting products for many years. Up to now, it has obtained more than 80 product patents and qualification certificates. It has become one of the few high-tech enterprises in the industry. With 3C certification, it has entered the ranks of the top brands of projection lamps in China.

Since the establishment of the company, Aladdin Lighting has shown its talents in the transportation and travel industry with its unique innovative concept. First, it has provided high-quality lighting services for customers such as Pingqiaocheng Group, China Construction Group, Longfor Group, SF Holding Group, and Wanda Group. In addition, the Aladdin Reed Projector has also made great achievements in the lighting of urban night scenes. It has successively created the night scene lighting of Beijing Outlets, the lighting project of Shenzhen Window of the World, and the Sanya Atlantis C show. · Night scene lighting of Nanhetou Cultural Street in Zhejiang, lighting show in Jiuxian Tourist Area in Guizhou, etc. Now Aladdin is taking a road of technological innovation in lighting art, and the road ahead is still long. We can only maintain a humble learning attitude and work hard to move forward together for China's cultural tourism lighting art technology innovation to a new bright future. journey!



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